MineARC Systems is the global leader in the manufacture and supply of emergency refuge chambers used in the underground mining, tunnelling. chemical processing and disaster relief industries.

Emergency refuge forms an integral part of a project’s wider Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Fires, fall of ground, flooding, explosion and the release of smoke and other forms of toxic gas are the types of incidents that can occur all too frequently, despite the high levels of planning and safety precautions in place.

In these types of emergencies, where personnel become trapped without adequate ventilation and evacuation is no longer safe or practical, emergency refuge is designed to provide a secure ‘go-to’ area for personnel to gather and await extraction.

MineARC Refuge Chambers have been successfully used around the world in multiple real-life mine and tunnelling emergencies to save lives.

MineSAFE Standard Design_with miner

 Our Vision:

“MineARC will continue to set the benchmark for emergency safe-refuge systems worldwide; working closely with industry and regulatory partners, and continuing to pioneer new refuge technologies for the constantly evolving industrial landscape.

Through research and development, education, training, and the quality of our products MineARC Systems will strive to improve health and safety standards within the mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief, extreme weather and emergency services industries, worldwide.

MineARC will never compromise the standard and safety of our products and services due to price, or for the result of a sale.

To ensure we realise our mission, MineARC operates and maintains a quality management system that is certified compliant with ISO9001:2008.”