Air Quality

MineARC offers a range of air quality management products, designed to create safe, breathable air for personnel sheltering in an enclosed space.
During entrapment, carbon dioxide is expired by the occupants as part of their normal breathing activity. Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases can also enter the main chamber via the compressed air intake (if it becomes compromised), and as occupants enter and/or exit the main chamber entrance.
The range includes scrubbing, filtration and gas detection products; all important and life-saving equipment that should be considered when developing a safe refuge plan.





  • Powder coated steel construction
  • 76mm (3″) blower with corrosion resistant motor
  • Simple single switch operation
  • Easy fitment of chemical cartridges
  • Green LED light to indicate operation
  • Rubber mounted feet


  • 36-140 hours back up
  • UL/CSA or CE listed 12V charger
  • LCD battery monitoring display
  • Recessed handles for portability
  • Mounts directly to AirGEN Scrubber




  • Compressed Air Management System

    The Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) is a breathable air system that is unique to the market; offering a range of features aimed at reducing running costs and improving operational safety during an emergency.
    Aside from providing clean breathable air through a superior four-phase filtration process, some of the major benefits of CAMS include; optimisation of mine air services, guarantee against over pressurisation of the refuge chamber, gas toxicity monitoring, flood protection, and reduced service time during filter change-out.
    All new MineARC Chambers with compressed air feature the Compressed Air Management System. Currently owned chambers can also be retro-fitted with the CAMS upon request. – More information

  • Carbon Monoxide Safety Off System

    Suitable for all MineARC refuge chamber models, the MineARC carbon monoxide Safety Off System (CMSOS) enables the automatic shut off of compressed air if carbon monoxide (CO) levels are detected in excessive amounts.
    The SOS system is designed to protect occupants from potentially fatal CO which can be pumped into the chamber if the compressed air supply is compromised. – More information