Air Quality

MineARC offers a range of air quality management products, designed to create safe, breathable air for personnel sheltering in an enclosed space.
During entrapment, carbon dioxide is expired by the occupants as part of their normal breathing activity. Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases can also enter the main chamber via the compressed air intake (if it becomes compromised), and as occupants enter and/or exit the main chamber entrance.
The range includes scrubbing, filtration and gas detection products; all important and life-saving equipment that should be considered when developing a safe refuge plan.


The COSOS is pre-programmed to shut off the compressed air supply if CO levels greater than 25 PPM are detected.

The system will not allow the mine air back into the chamber until CO levels fall below the nominated threshold. The LED screen located on the front of the control unit gives gas readings in real time.




COSOS_24V Solenoid Valve COSOS_Flow through adaptor COSOS COSOS_Rotometer
24V solenoid valve –
Mine air shut off
Flow through adaptor –
Suit sensor
Stand-alone gas sensor
with replay output
Rotometer – flow meter:
Set to 1 L/min




  • Compressed Air Management System

    The Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) is a breathable air system that is unique to the market; offering a range of features aimed at reducing running costs and improving operational safety during an emergency.
    Aside from providing clean breathable air through a superior four-phase filtration process, some of the major benefits of CAMS include; optimisation of mine air services, guarantee against over pressurisation of the refuge chamber, gas toxicity monitoring, flood protection, and reduced service time during filter change-out.
    All new MineARC Chambers with compressed air feature the Compressed Air Management System. Currently owned chambers can also be retro-fitted with the CAMS upon request. – More information

  • AirGEN Scrubber

    The MineARC AirGEN is a standalone air regenerative system that ‘scrubs’ the air inside enclosed spaces, removing harmful gases such as CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) – a vital requirement for any sealed environment sheltering human life for an extended period of time.
    Only a shelter that is completely sealed from the external environment guarantees safety from the ingress of smoke and other harmful toxins. Both CO and CO2 can become lethal in high concentrations. This valuable life saving equipment has been designed to operate standalone in any refuge chamber, safe haven, bomb shelter or survival shelter. – More information