MineARC’s communication systems range offers a variety of products suited to harsh industrial conditions and underground environments.
Designed to remain functioning when all other systems have failed, the range includes the Rescue Dog (a through-the-earth text messaging device) and Stench Gas (an odourising alert system suited to noisy locations).


Stench gas is commonly used in underground ventilation systems as an alert gas for emergency evacuations. The powerful odour can be quickly dispersed throughout an underground mine to alert workers of impending danger.

The MineARC Stench Gas System is designed to suit noisy locations where alarms cannot be heard. The unit will send a clear and definitive odour in the event of an emergency, indicating the initiation of emergency response procedures.




Stench Gas System_SGU_Electric

  • 24Vdc (0.9A) connection to drive automatic gas release
  • Pressure and temperature sensors
  • Two 1L Stench Gas cylinders (100g Ethyl Mercaptan & R134 Propellent)
  • Steel housing with reflective signage and viewing window
  • Manual gas release valve back up
  • Stainless steel pipework and valving
  • Tamper proof tags
  • Mounting bracket



Stench Gas System_SCU_Electric

  • Drives up to two electric stench gas or anti-stench units
  • Operates as a network node
  • Converts networked commands for gas release into a 24V dc power signal
  • Provides operational status information locally through LED indicators
  • Local controls for the release of gas
  • Steel housing with reflective signage and viewing window
  • Optional 8hr uninterruptible power supply (UPS)



Stench Gas System_MCU_Electric

  • Monitors and manages the entire stench gas network
  • Pre-programmed by MineARC engineers
  • Intuitive graphic display via a 9″ high res touch screen
  • Real-time data logging
  • System diagnostics and networking monitoring
  • Zoned stench gas unit control
  • Pressure, temperature and valve status
  • System activation and deactivation






Touch Screen

9" high resolution touch screen interface, with 800x840 pixel graphic display.

UPS Battery

Optional: Battery box for 8 hour UPS after power interruption. House in a fully sealed, water resistant unit, complete with temperature sensor.

Steel Housing

IP66 rated dust and water resistant steel unit.

Mounting Frame

Optional: Easy installation in unevenly walled mine tunnels. With transportation lugs for easy transport and s stable base to be fixed directly onto a cement pad.

LED Lights

LED light indicators provide operational status locally.

Reflective Signage

Safety and operational signage in reflective stickering for high visibility underground. Translation into a second language available (POA).

Pressure Gauge

Analogue gauge for manual override back up in the event of power failure.

UPS Battery

Optional: Battery box for 8 hour UPS after power interruption. House in a fully sealed, water resistant unit, complete with temperature sensor.

Gas Release Valve

Gas release valve for manual override back up in the event of power failure.

Push Buttons

Local controls for manual release of gas via the sub-controller.




  • Manual Stench Gas System

    MineARC’s standard manual stench gas unit comprises a set of twin gas cylinders housed within a durable steel cabinet with reflective signage, designed specifically for harsh underground conditions.
    The stench gas cylinders are manually activated via gas release valves on the top of the exterior housing. Pressure gauges indicate successful release of the gas. – More information

  • Post Alarm Gas Units

    MineARC offers a selection of post-emergency units to compliment the stench gas system. The range consists of anti-stench, an effective stench gas neutralising agent, and wintergreen, an all-clear signal.
    Available in both manual and electric configurations, the units can plug directly into a MineARC Sub-Controller for remote activation and monitoring if required.
    – More information

  • Rescue Dog System

    MineARC’s Rescue Dog Through-The-Earth (TTE) System provides critical emergency communication between surface and underground when all other systems have failed.
    Relying on minimal fixed infrastructure, the Rescue Dog is capable of communicating directly through the earth at distances of up to 1,500m (5000ft). A single surface controller can manage up to 16 individual sub-surface receivers, making the Rescue Dog a highly versatile and scalable communications solution for your emergency response plan (ERP). – More information