MineARC’s communication systems range offers a variety of products suited to harsh industrial conditions and underground environments.
Designed to remain functioning when all other systems have failed, the range includes the Rescue Dog (a through-the-earth text messaging device) and Stench Gas (an odourising alert system suited to noisy locations).


Stench gas is commonly used in underground ventilation systems as an alert gas for emergency evacuations. The powerful odour can be quickly dispersed throughout an underground mine to alert workers of impending danger.

The MineARC Stench Gas System is designed to suit noisy locations where alarms cannot be heard. The unit will send a clear and definitive odour in the event of an emergency, indicating the initiation of emergency response procedures.



MineARC Stench Gas cylinders carry 100g of Ethyl Mercaptan, a colourless organic liquid with a strong odour that, when added to an odourless gas, acts as a pungent warning agent. One MineARC Stench Gas Unit is effective in odourising approximately 1.25 million cubic meters of air throughout an underground mine, operating within a temperature range of 1°C to 54°C.

MineARC Stench Gas is a non-flammable substance.

  • Easy installation and simple operation via gas release valves
  • Two 1L Stench Gas cylinders (100g Ethyl Mercaptan & R134 Propellent)
  • Independent operation of cylinders
  • Steel housing with reflective signage and viewing window
  • Pressure gauge to indicate gas levels
  • Stainless steel pipework and valving
  • Tamper proof tags
  • Mounting brackets






Gas Release Valve

Dual gas release valves provide independent operation of cylinders.

Pressure Gauges

Dual pressure gauges to indicate gas levels of stench gas cylinders.

Viewing Window

Protective viewing window.

Stench Gas Cylinders

Twin gas cylinders, containing 100g Ethyl Mercaptan and R134A Propellant.

Steel Housing

Powder coated red in accordance with ANSI Z535.1.

Reflective Signage

Safety and operational signage in reflective stickering for high visibility underground. Translation into a second language available (POA).




  • Electric Stench Gas System

    The electric stench gas system is MineARC’s premium range, comprising a twin cylinder stench gas unit and a sub-controller that can be connected through to an existing mine control system or to the optional MineARC Stench Gas Master Controller.
    This fully electrical system allows for safe, remote operation of the stench gas units via the sub-controller in the event of an emergency, removing the need for local activation. – More information

  • Post Alarm Gas Units

    MineARC offers a selection of post-emergency units to compliment the stench gas system. The range consists of anti-stench, an effective stench gas neutralising agent, and wintergreen, an all-clear signal.
    Available in both manual and electric configurations, the units can plug directly into a MineARC Sub-Controller for remote activation and monitoring if required.
    – More information