MineARC’s communication systems range offers a variety of products suited to harsh industrial conditions and underground environments.
Designed to remain functioning when all other systems have failed, the range includes the Rescue Dog (a through-the-earth text messaging device) and Stench Gas (an odourising alert system suited to noisy locations).


MineARC’s Rescue Dog Communication System comprises a surface controller, connected to one or more sub-surface receivers deployed throughout the underground mine environment. Providing survivable two-way communication free of antennas, amplifiers or line of sight, a single surface controller can support up to 16 sub-surface receivers, each operating on its own unique channel.

The Rescue Dog delivers TTE communication via  bidirectional beacon text messaging between underground workers and surface rescue personnel. A proprietary communication protocol allows the user to select predefined text messages, with the option to have the protocol customised to meet the specific needs of a particular site, including multiple languages.



Rescue Dog Unit_open
  • No conventional infrastructure required
  • Ability to communicate up to 1,500m (5,000ft) through rock
  • Portable and lightweight at 10kg (22lbs)
  • Robust design
  • Simple and quick to mobilise
  • Expandable – communication with up to 16 sub-surface receivers
  • Can be configured for multiple languages
  • Proven and tested in the mine environment






Portable Housing

Robust portable housing is lightweight at just 10kg (22lbs). Minimal fixed infrastructure required.

Antenna Connection

Antenna connection allows surface unit to connect with up to 16 sub-surface receivers through 1,500m (5,000ft) of rock.

Connection Port

AC power connection, plus internal battery back up.

Touch Screen

Digital touch screen control allowing communication via bidirectional beacon text messaging. Pre-defined text messages and multiple languages available.

LED Alert

Visual LED light for clear alert in the event of an incoming message.

Power Switch

On/off switch that allows quick and easy set up in an emergency.




  • Electric Stench Gas System

    The electric stench gas system is MineARC’s premium range, comprising a twin cylinder stench gas unit and a sub-controller that can be connected through to an existing mine control system or to the optional MineARC Stench Gas Master Controller.
    This fully electrical system allows for safe, remote operation of the stench gas units via the sub-controller in the event of an emergency, removing the need for local activation. – More information

  • Manual Stench Gas System

    MineARC’s standard manual stench gas unit comprises a set of twin gas cylinders housed within a durable steel cabinet with reflective signage, designed specifically for harsh underground conditions.
    The stench gas cylinders are manually activated via gas release valves on the top of the exterior housing. Pressure gauges indicate successful release of the gas. – More information

  • Post Alarm Gas Units

    MineARC offers a selection of post-emergency units to compliment the stench gas system. The range consists of anti-stench, an effective stench gas neutralising agent, and wintergreen, an all-clear signal.
    Available in both manual and electric configurations, the units can plug directly into a MineARC Sub-Controller for remote activation and monitoring if required.
    – More information