Designed specifically for regional industrial sites, communities and tourist destinations, the StormSAFE range has been engineered to withstand extreme wind speeds and severe weather conditions. This allows personnel to remain on-site; continuing production or normal business for as long as possible, and avoiding costly evacuation expenses.
The units are engineered to comply with local compliance standards and building specifications, dependent on application.


StormSAFE Series




The standard MineARC StormSAFE Cyclone Shelter is designed to house any size team comfortably, offering bunk-style bedding, ample seating, kitchenette facilities and toilet ammenities. Its clever modular design means that the space can be customised for any specification, particularly in regards to size, occupancy and internal features.

The StormSAFE Cyclone Shelter is a cost effective option for remote industrial sites, allowing personnel to remain on-site to continue production right up to a ‘blue’ alert. For sites experiencing regular extreme weather conditions, this minimises costly down-time and process disruptions significantly.



  • Fully Portable, Modular Design
  • Withstands Wind Speeds up to 300km/h
  • No Special Transport Permits Required
  • Air Vents and Air Conditioning
  • Interior Lighting
  • Communication Ports
  • UPS Battery Backup
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Water Tanks
  • First Aid Kit


  • Bunk-Style Bedding
  • Kitchenette with Stainless Steel Sink
  • Fold Away Tables and Seating
  • Capacity for Fridge and Microwave
  • Additional Entertainment Options




Porthole Windows

12mm porthole viewing window, compliant with Australian Standard 2208. Blast shield protection available upon request.

Strobe Lighting

Extra low voltage green and red LED lighting to allow for easy identification of the refuge chamber.


112 DBA motion activated siren to allow for easy location of the refuge chamber in an emergency.

Sealing Door

Outward opening sealing door, featuring double locking rotating handles. Multiple entry ways into chamber.

Steel Construction

5mm (2/16") steel construction for Region D rating.

Reflective Signage

Safety and operational signage in reflective stickering for high visibility. Translation into a second language available.

Modular Design

Bolt together modular units for ease of transport.

UPS Battery Backup

36 hour UPS battery backup system, providing power to internal fluorescent lighting, emergency exit signs and external warning lights. Extended backup available on request.

Louvered Air Vents

AS 2428.1/2 compliant ventilation system to provide effective, natural air flow.




Toilet Facilities

EnviroLAV toilet system, available in either single-sex or uni-sex. Includes hand-basin and wall mounted EnviroWASH soap dispenser.

Sleeping Quarters

Dormitory modules, featuring triple bunk-style bedding, ideal for extended refuge. Mattresses included.


8watt fluorescent interior lighting throughout the shelter.


Basic food preparation facilities, including a stainless steel sink, storage, and power access for additional amenities.

Recreation Area

Mess-hall area for general use, including tables and seating. Optional LCD TV screens available.

Instructional Signage

Instructional signage is located on the walls of the cyclone shelter. Signage can be translated into a second language.


Water and oil repellent carpeting.

Control Systems

All necessary communication and electrical connections for a prolonged refuge period, including UPS battery backup.

Fire Extinguisher

Available upon request (POA).

Air Conditioning

To maintain a comfortable ambient temperature for extended durations.




  • StormSAFE Lightning Shelter

    The StormSAFE Lightning Shelter is designed to protect against direct strike, flash over, and step potential.
    The chamber’s strike termination system captures the lightning discharge current and dissipates it harmlessly to earth via the down conductors and earth termination system; providing occupants a safe environment from hazards arising through exposure to lightning. – More information