Refuge Regulations / Guidelines Explained

Depending on the type of operation (hard-rock mine / coal mine / petrochemical plant), and its location (the country or region of operation), offical industry regulations and guidelines exist to ensure that all refuge manufacturers meet a certain level of quality and safety. Such legislation commonly covers important refuge safety features such as:

  • Scrubbing requirements
  • Cooling requirements
  • Minimum safe entrapment times
  • Blast proofing, and
  • Intrinsically safe requirements

This legislation also acts to ensure that operations maintain a safe working environment for their personnel.

As the premium safe-refuge manufacturer, all MineARC refuges adhere to, and often exceed the highest industry regulations / guidelines.

In countries and industries where refuge legislation falls below what is accepted as "industry best practice", MineARC will continue to advocate the need for tighter legislation.

Hard Rock Mines - Industry Best Practice

DOWNLOAD The 2013 West Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) Guideline: Refuge Chambers in Metalliferrous Mines.
MineARC's HRM Refuge is the only refuge model to meet all aspects of this guideline IN FULL

Coal Mines - Industry Best Practice

DOWNLOAD The 2009 United States MSHA (Mines Health and Safety Administration) 'Final Rule': Refuge Alternatives in Underground Coal Mines (30CFR §7.503).
MineARC's CoalSAFE Refuge is the only refuge model built to meet all aspects of this guideline

Tunnel Projects-ITA Guidelines

DOWNLOAD The Guidelines for the Provision of Refuge Chambers in Tunnels Under Construction- ITA Working Group No.5 Health & Safety In Works