MineARC’s range of mining equipment has been designed to withstand harsh underground mining and industrial applications.
As leaders in mine safety, our equipment range has been designed with safety and performance as a top priority. Our products have been developed in close collaboration with leading mining companies, resulting in a range that fully compliments today’s modern underground mining environment.




The projectile safety cap features an extended tube to accommodate the average length of cable bolt, eliminating the requirement for a second cut. The simple twist-to-open cap mechanism prevents waste segments from ejecting during operation, and allows for quick and easy disposal of waste cuttings.



  • Simple adaptor connection for Rock Bolt Cutter
  • Cuts cable bolts safely within 30 seconds
  • Extended tube length eliminates need for multiple cuts
  • Simple twist-to-open lid prevents waste ejection
  • Handle design allows for easy manipulation of cutter
  • Simple twist-to-open mechanism for fast disposal of waste
  • Lightweight – adds approximately 1.5kg (3.3lbs) to total

Projectile Safety Cap_open




  • Rock Bolt Cutter

    MineARC’s standard Rock Bolt Cutter (RBC) has been designed to make the task of cutting rock bolt and threaded rod safe and efficient. Successfully used by mine sites around the globe, the lightweight RBC can cut through 25mm (1”) rod within 20 seconds.
    The Rock Bolt Cutter connects to any hydraulic power pack with a minimum 4000psi working pressure. Designed for two person operation, the cutter features quick release safety couplers and optional hydraulic foot pump operation for added safety. – More information