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Written by Gerardo Amaya, Business Development Manager.

The highly anticipated film “Los 33”, based on the events that took place five years ago in the San José mine near Copiapo, premiered in Chile on August 6th.

“The 33 of us are well inside the refuge” were words that brought joy and relief to Chileans and millions of people around the world after 17 days without any sign of life. The mine collapse was 700 meters deep, leaving the miners without any means of communication with the surface.

The release of the film commemorates the successful rescue mission that was conducted following the incident. The recount of events is also an opportunity to find solutions for the unfortunate event of a similar accident in the future. MineARC is proud to offer such a solution: the MineARC Rescue Dog Communication System.

MineARC’s Rescue Dog is a system that uses through-the-earth (TTE) technology to transmit communication by means of a bi-directional bundle of text messages between workers underground and rescuers on the surface; providing fast, location-specific information. A proprietary communications protocol allows the user to select pre-defined text messages. MineARC also offers the option to customize the protocol and language to satisfy the specific needs of an individual site.

MineARC conducted a demonstration of the Rescue Dog at the Huarón unit of Pan American Silver in Peru, achieving positive results. 100% accuracy was obtained in sending and receiving messages with duration of 2-3 minutes; easily conducted due to its versatile technology and lack of infrastructure requirements. The results determined that the Rescue Dog satisfies the objective of accelerating the process of rescue missions like the one that took place in the San José mine.

MineARC’s global offices have Rescue Dog units available for demonstration or for immediate purchase.

For more information about the Rescue Dog, please do not hesitate to email