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In 2012, MineARC Systems were proud to donate a permanent refuge chamber to the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) for use in their Edgar Mine. MineARC has since continued to support the Colorado School of Mines when opportunities arise. MineARC Systems was proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Intercollegiate MERD Competition. The competition is designed as a mock disaster where teams practice mine rescue skills in a realistic setting.

The event took place at the Colorado School of Mines in Idaho Springs, Colorado at the Edgar Mine site on February 12-14. The competition was comprised of six teams: two CSM, two South Dakota, one from British Columbia, and one from Montana. The field competition was divided up into three stations at the Edgar Mine: (1) Response team; (2) Incident command; & (3) Backup team – located at the school house. Excitingly, almost a month before International Women’s Day, the world’s first all-female team (from Colorado School of Mines) placed first place at this year’s MERD.

During the proceedings, our MineARC reps demonstrated The Rescue Dog, a product from our ancillary safety equipment range. A robust, post-accident, through-the-earth communication system designed for use in underground mines and tunnels the Rescue Dog connects trapped underground workers with surface rescue personnel.

MineARC’s Rescue Dog Communication System is comprised of a Surface Controller combined with one or more Subsurface Units deployed throughout the underground environment. The Rescue Dog provides survivable two-way communication free of antennas, amplifiers, or line-of-sight. A single Surface Controller can support up to 16 Subsurface Units each operating on its own unique channel.

The Rescue Dog’s subsurface unit was located approximately 20 yards inside the army portal, while the surface unit was located next to the incident command trailer just outside the portal. Students were impressed with the system’s cutting edge life-saving technology.

It is safe to say that that our future mining engineers will enter an industry transformed over the past 30 years with a major focus on mine safety.

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