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Like most industrial machinery, MineARC Refuge Chambers require regular servicing to maintain optimum performance. Due to the nature of a refuge chamber’s life-saving equipment, it is imperative that all operational componentry is maintained at optimal working condition to avoid system failure in an emergency.

Components that receive the most day-to-day wear and tear whilst the refuge operates in stand-by mode require the most attention; including filter elements, door seals, mufflers and vent valves.

How can you maintain your refuge chamber in 100% optimal condition?

  1. Plan a regular service schedule
  2. Decide whether servicing will be conducted by a qualified MineARC technician or by your own personnel using MineARC’s Remote Service Packs (RSPs)
  3. If conducting your own servicing, ensure that personnel complete the free MineARC Service School every two years.

MineARC’s global service team are here to help make servicing easy. Our office support team are on call seven days a week to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems. Out in the field, our qualified service technicians are available to travel to your site in order to perform a fully comprehensive chamber service.



Brad Whittaker_Service Manager2
Keith Darnell_Service Manager
Kylie Hansord_After Market Support
Brad has been with the MineARC service team for so long that he has maxed out the pages in his passport while servicing chambers all across the globe.

Time with MineARC: 11 years
Office: Australia
Service specialty: Older model refuge chambers and upgrades
Top service tip: “A refuge chamber is not about ticking the box, it is there to save your life.”

Keith’s talent in refuge chamber servicing stems from a passion of restoring classic cars from the 30’s to the early 70’s.

Time with MineARC: 8.5 years
Office: North America
Service specialty: Industrial electrical troubleshooting
Top service tip: “Being proactive is always better than being reactive.”

Think she sounds familiar on the phone? Next time you listen to the Series IV i.V.A.N system, you may recognise Kylie’s dulcet tones.

Time with MineARC: 3 years
Office: Australia
Service specialty: A one-point solution to any problem or question you have
Top service tip: “No matter how large or small the query, use us! We are here to support you.”

Thomas Boylson_After Sales BDM 
Amy Morley_Service Coordinator
Ryan Woods_Service Technician
Prior to joining the MineARC team, Tom spent some time running backpacker pub crawls in Ireland.

Time with MineARC: 3 months
Office: Australia
Service specialty: The new Compressed Air Management System
Top service tip: “Use a fully certified technician for the best quality service.”

Amy was once published in ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine for a short story she wrote under an alias when she was 15.

Time with MineARC: 6 months
Office: Australia
Service specialty: Taking the stress out of your service scheduling
Top service tip: “Using genuine MineARC parts is the smart choice for your site.”

When Ryan isn’t racing around Australia servicing chambers, he is racing postie bikes around Perth.

Time with MineARC: 4 years
Office: Australia
Service specialty: Troubleshooting and guiding sites through technical solutions
Top service tip: “Care for your chamber and prepare for the unexpected.”

Michael Sullivan_BDM-Service Technician
Dean Mackrell_Service Technician
Matt Hofmann_Service Technician
Mike has to confront his extreme fear of snakes and spiders every time he makes a remote service trip.

Time with MineARC: 2.5 years
Office: South Africa
Service specialty: CoalSAFE refuge chambers
Top service tip: “4-monthly servicing will ensure optimum performance of your chamber in an emergency.”

Dean (who you might know better as ‘Macka’) is the mine rescue guru of the team, having been involved in both state and national mine emergency response competitions for over five years!

Time with MineARC: 1.5 years
Office: Australia
Service specialty: Going that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction
Top service tip: “Never put safety second – make sure that your chambers are regularly inspected.”

Matt has a great memory for numbers, which makes him incredibly tech savvy; just don’t ever challenge him to a game of cards!

Time with MineARC: 1 year
Office: Australia
Service specialty: Installation and service of the new Compressed Air Management System (CAMS)
Top service tip: “When contacting us with an issue, send us photos so that we can make a better assessment.”

Francisco Gonzalez_Service Technician

Francisco is a big outdoors man, so thoroughly enjoys visiting sites during service trips.

Time with MineARC: 2 years
Office: North America
Service specialty: Permanent refuge installation and service
Top service tip: “Safety is no joke; it should be taken seriously in order to avoid injury.”

If you would like to get in touch with the MineARC Service Team, please email