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Written by Kane Read, Business Development Manager.

MineARC is always keen to support our clients in their advocacy of safety in the industry. Over the years, we have been involved in the development of various training centres and educational endeavors, including the Murray Engineering Training Center, the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and the Perth Central Institute of Technology CUT Mine.

Most recently, MineARC has contributed to the Site Skills Training Centre, located in the northern Philippines island of Luzon. Operating as a joint venture with multinational gold and copper producer OceanaGold, the 30,000m2 training facility can cater for several thousand people at any one time.

The ‘underground’ simulation area of the center is fabricated from a series of above-ground buildings; the interior shotcreted to give the realistic appearance of a real-life underground mine. A replica MineARC refuge chamber is a key feature of the underground facility and is regularly utilised to conduct emergency response training. In addition, MineARC has donated samples of various safety products to facilitate the training program including MARCISORB chemical cartridges and manual gas detection equipment.

MineARC’s SEA Business Development Manager, Kane Read, was pleased to attend the official opening of the training center in September of last year. Moving forward, MineARC will continue to work closely with Site Skills and OceanaGold to increase the standard of mine safety training in the Philippines.

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