Engineering_3d Printing
November marks a very important event for MineARC; our Annual MineARC Engineers Conference.

Each year our expansive team of designers, engineers, senior management and directors go into lockdown for a week long session of ideas generation, sharing, and intensive research and development. This process has proven to be a critical success to keeping MineARC at the leading edge of technology and design across our entire range.

With more and more of MineARC’s customers requiring custom jobs to suit specific operations, the engineering team are constantly required to provide innovative solutions. No two jobs are the same. Ideas such as the Compressed Air Management System (CAMS), the aerobic and anaerobic biodegrading Enzyme system of the recently upgraded EnviroLAV, the modular Hyperion Cap Lamp Recharger Rack and the cordless Hyperion Cap Lamps all stemmed from the drawing board of a MineARC engineers’ brain-storming session.

“It’s an important outlet for our engineers.” said Mike Lincoln, General Manager – MineARC Systems, “In order to keep them at the top of their game we need them to be creative, innovative and above all, solutions focused. Sharing their skills and knowledge helps strengthen the team and inevitably results in a few winning ideas which we then go away and develop for market.”

The 2014 MineARC Engineers conference will be held at our Dallas Office and Manufacturing Center.