& Upgrades

Virtually all aspects of a MineARC Refuge Chamber or Safe Haven design can be customised by our in-house team of engineers, including; dimensions, structural integrity, volume, occupancy and minimum entrapment duration.
MineARC offers a range of options and upgrades based on industry and application.


MineARC’s new Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) marks the beginning of a new era in refuge chamber technology. This ground breaking piece of equipment was launched in July 2015, after more than a year of research, development and testing conducted by MineARC’s engineering team.

When utilised as part of the MineARC System Intelligence network, vital information relating to the integrity of the internal refuge chamber atmosphere is communicated in real-time via the GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System dashboard. An increase in CAMS activity would indicate a breach of the refuge chamber seal, thus sending an alert to designated personnel that the chamber is compromised. For more information regarding MineARC System Intelligence, visit minearc.com/systemintelligence.



  • Faster service time
  • Flood Protection Valve for automatic mine air shut off in the event of water ingress
  • Air toxicity monitoring and emergency shut off valve
  • Optimisation of mine air usage, resulting in considerably reduced operational costs
  • Security against over-pressurisation

Compressed Air Management System_2




Filter Clips

Precision engineered clip-in/clip-out system allows for quick and easy filter change-over; minimising damage to parts and reducing service time by up to 80%.

Air Toxicity Monitor

Automatically diverts mine air if oxygen levels in the airline fall below a set level.

Flood Protection Filter

Automatically shuts down mine air in the event of water ingress.


0.5 micron pre-filter to remove solid particles from the air.

Coalescing Filter

0.01 micron coalescing filter to trap and remove liquid, oil and water from the air.

Absorption Filter

0.01 micron absorption filter to absorb smells and odours from the air, making it suitable and comfortable for breathing.




  • GuardIAN Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

    MineARC’s GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System is an exciting new development in refuge chamber technology. GuardIAN enables real-time monitoring; providing confidence that an operation’s fleet of refuge chambers are emergency ready at all times.
    GuardIAN is an independent system that continuously monitors all vital refuge operating systems. During standby mode GuardIAN checks for component faults and monitors refuge chamber usage or entry to the chamber.
    GuardIAN is available as an option on any new MineARC Refuge Chamber or Safe Haven, and also to retrofit to existing chambers during an upgrade or refurbishment.
    – More information

  • Aura-FX Digital Fixed Gas Monitoring

    Gas monitoring is an essential aspect of maintaining a life supporting atmosphere within the refuge chamber. During entrapment, occupants
    consume oxygen and expire carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO) as part of their normal respiration. CO can also enter the chamber during occupant entry and if the compressed air intake is compromised.
    Closely monitoring gas levels in the chamber allows occupants to take corrective actions to maintaining a safe and inhabitable environment.
    MineARC’s new Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System is a proprietary fixed gas monitoring unit, designed specifically for use in refuge chambers and safe havens.
    Aura-FX is standard on all new MineARC Refuge Chambers and Safe Havens. It is also available to retrofit to most existing chambers during an upgrade or refurbishment.
    – More information

  • Airlocks & Vestibules

    MineARC airlocks and vestibules are designed to act as a staging area between the enclosed protection of the chamber and the outside environment.
    They feature positive pressure flushing systems that ensure the out-flow of air; preventing the ingress of contaminants while the door is open for entry. The Positive Pressure Flushing System (PPFS) provides high speed pressurisation and is activated via a simple electric push-button system.
    MineARC offers a range of internal and external vestibule solutions designed to suit a wide variety of applications and entry requirements.

    – More information

  • Blast Rating Upgrade

    An optional feature for all MineARC Refuge Chambers and Safe Havens is a blast rating upgrade.
    MineARC utilises highly specialised materials and engineering techniques to build chambers that can withstand the concussive forces of extreme blasts and explosions within heavy industry. Through careful analysis of a site’s application and hazard assessment, MineARC can engineer a highly customised refuge chamber or safe haven to meet their specific blast rating requirements.
    – More information

  • Blast Shield Protection

    MineARC can provide structural additions to a refuge chamber or safe haven in order to provide blast shield protection for susceptible components.
    This added protection prevents damage to areas of the chamber that either provide life support (such as air conditioning and mine air filtration) or components that, if damaged, will compromise the breathing integrity of the chamber (such as the portal window). – More information

  • Scoop Frame

    MineSAFE Compact Design Chambers can be upgraded to include a ‘scoop’ or ‘bogger’ frame, designed to enable easy transportation via an integrated tool carrier or front-end loader.
    Available only for 4 and 6 person chamber models due to weight restrictions, the scoop frame adds another element of maneuverability to the portable design. – More information

  • ITHitch

    MineSAFE Compact Design Chambers can be upgraded to include an IT hitch, enabling easy lifting by an integrated tool carrier.
    Available only for 4 and 6 person chamber models due to weight restrictions, the hitch adds another element of maneuverability to the portable design. – More information

  • Pressure Systems

    MineARC pressure systems are designed to help maintain a safe, breathable atmosphere within the refuge chamber.
    Systems include the Pressurised Access Safety System (PASS) to ensure safe entry into the refuge chamber, and the Positive Pressure Maintenance System (PPMS) to maintain positive internal pressure within the chamber. – More information

  • Automated Oxygen Delivery System

    The MineARC Automated Oxygen Delivery System (AODS) is designed to maintain a safe, breathable atmosphere within the refuge chamber.
    Once the system is activated, the AODS disperses metered amounts of Oxygen supplied by a compressed Oxygen cylinder. The AODS maintains Oxygen levels between 18.5% and 23% inside the refuge when the external fresh air supply has been compromised or is unavailable. – More information

  • Series IV Scrubbing System

    The MineARC Series IV Electrical Scrubbing System is considered to be the most advanced safe refuge technology in the world. The Series IV boasts all of the improvements of the Series III system, plus a host of additional features including a superior digital control system and intelligent voice audio navigation (i.V.A.N).
    Additional improvements include pre-packaged MARCISORB Chemical Cartridges, intuitive operation, motion sensor logging and a modular controller design. – More information

  • ELVP / ELV Scrubbing System

    MineARC’s unique ELVP/ELV (extra-low-voltage) Scrubbing System works in conjunction with active chemicals to ‘scrub’ the build-up of harmful CO2 and CO from the air inside the refuge chamber.
    The ELVP/ELV represents six years of technological advancements to the original PLP (powerless portable) scrubbing system, in a safer, more reliable design.
    – More information

  • MARCisScrubbing System

    Developed specifically for the CoalSAFE range, the unique MARCis (MineARC Air Refuge Chamber intrinsically safe) system provides both a powerless CO2 / CO scrubber, as well as a powerless air conditioning system. – More information