Designed specifically for regional industrial sites, communities and tourist destinations, the StormSAFE range has been engineered to withstand extreme wind speeds and severe weather conditions. This allows personnel to remain on-site; continuing production or normal business for as long as possible, and avoiding costly evacuation expenses.
The units are engineered to comply with local compliance standards and building specifications, dependent on application.

  • StormSAFE Cyclone Shelter


    Built to comply with the Australian Building Code’s ‘Region D Rating’ for tropical cyclones, and the Australian & New Zealand Standard AS/NZ1170.2, with a Building Code of Australia Importance Level of 4, the StormSAFE Cyclone Shelter has been engineered to withstand wind speeds in excess of 300km/hr.
    The StormSAFE Shelter features a fully portable, modular design comprising either stand alone chambers or a series of individual units that bolt together, creating a single internal environment. The design allows for easy disassembly and relocation as required. – More information

  • StormSAFE Lightning Shelter

    The StormSAFE Lightning Shelter is designed to protect against direct strike, flash over, and step potential.
    The chamber’s strike termination system captures the lightning discharge current and dissipates it harmlessly to earth via the down conductors and earth termination system; providing occupants a safe environment from hazards arising through exposure to lightning. – More information