MineARC understands that emergency response requirements differ depending on a site’s processing conditions, location of personnel, dangerous goods inventory and a host of other important factors.
Within the petrochemical industry, the common practice of modifying existing site buildings to function as shelter-in-place safe havens can often prove a timely and costly exercise, resulting in a non-flexible solution as site requirements shift over time. Building modification can also prove ineffective, with numerous air entry and exit points to consider, not to mention costly blast proofing if required.
In response, MineARC has developed a fully sealed, transportable and cost effective alternative to site building modification – the MineARC ChemSAFE Range.

  • ChemSAFE Standard Design

    ChemSAFE Standard Design

    The ChemSAFE Standard Design (SD) Safe Haven has been continuously refined to offer the latest in safe refuge technology, providing occupants with optimal safety features, functionality and performance.
    As MineARC’s most requested petrochemical design, the ChemSAFE Standard Design safe haven has been meticulously engineered to ensure ease of transport and a robust exterior. Constructed from 5mm (1/4″) steel plate with external steel support wraps as standard, the safe haven comes equipped with a skid base, lifting lugs and forklift slots to the sides. The steel structure can be further reinforced to withstand up to 12psi overpressure blast. – More information