Hard Rock


Emergency refuge forms an integral part of an underground mine’s wider Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Fires, explosions, rock-falls, flooding and the release of smoke and other forms of toxic gas are the types of incidents that occur all too frequently, despite the high levels of planning and the safety precautions in place. In these types of emergencies, when evacuation is no-longer safe or practical, emergency refuge is designed to provide a safe and secure ‘go-to’ area for personnel to gather and await extraction.
Helping safeguard miners in over 40 countries, across six continents, the MineARC MineSAFE series is the world’s most trusted refuge chamber in metal (hard rock) and non-metal mines.

  • MineSAFE Standard Design

    MineARC MineSAFE Standard Design

    In consultation with the world’s leading mining companies and regional mining authorities, the MineARC MineSAFE has been continuously re-engineered and refined to create a safe-refuge solution that is fully integrated with today’s modern underground mining environment.
    Now in its fourth series, the MineSAFE Standard Design (SD) Refuge Chamber provides miners with optimum safety features, functionality and performance.
    Standard configurations are available based on occupancy – from 8 to 30 people – with each model engineered for maximum durability and manoeuvrability, both above and below ground. – More information

  • MineSAFE Essential Design

    The MineSAFE Essential Design (ED) provides the most cost effective alternative to MineARC’s flagship Standard Design refuge chamber. The ED chamber offers all of the critical features required to sustain life during an emergency whilst maintaining the quality of a MineARC engineered
    refuge chamber.
    The Essential Design is designed specifically to accommodate tight mining confines such as shaft mines, while still providing ample internal space for a range of occupancies – from 8 to 26 people. The chamber’s narrow design makes it easy to manoeuvre and position around site. – More information

  • MineSAFE Narrow Design

    The MineSAFE Narrow Design (ND) features a slimmer shell, designed specifically to accommodate tight hard rock mining confines such as shaft mines, while still providing ample internal space for a range of occupancies – from 8 to 26 people.
    The chamber’s portable design makes it easy to manoeuvre and position around site. – More information

  • MineSAFE Compact Design

    The MineSAFE Compact Design (CD) is designed specifically for tight mining confines, such as single-entry development headings. This small, compact, ultra-portable refuge chamber is easy to manoeuvre and position around site.
    The Compact Design is designed for optimum autonomy. The chamber’s ‘extra-low-voltage’ control system means it can sit stand-alone for extended periods without requiring connection to mains (mine) power (around 6 weeks). – More information

  • MineSAFE Modular Design

    The MineSAFE Modular Design range is engineered specifically to accommodate tight underground confines and mines with restricted access, while still providing sufficient internal space to comply with international best practice guidelines. The range is designed to be easily manoeuverable around sharp corners and within tight mine shafts; it’s modular construction means each section can fit within a cage and then be fully assembled underground.
    Standard configurations area available based on occupancy – from 12 to 32 people. Each section of the refuge chamber features forklift slots and lifting lugs for easy transportation on-site.
    – More information

  • MineSAFE Permanent Shelter

    A permanent refuge chamber (as opposed to portable) can often prove to be a more efficient and cost effective solution for an underground mine. In particular, mines that;
    • Have a large number of personnel underground at any one time,
    • Have low excavation costs, and
    • Where the regular movement of personnel underground remains within certain areas.
    Permanent refuge chambers therefore often double as break, rest and lunch areas, capable of sheltering upwards of hundreds of personnel at any one time. – More information

  • MineSAFE Training Chambers

    MineARC has developed a series of specially designed training chambers, designed to assist sites in the training and development of staff.
    The training chambers are available in three configurations – Standard Design with Series IV Scrubber, Standard Design with Series III Scrubber and Compact Design with ELVP Scrubber. They have been engineered to allow for convenient service, maintenance and operational training in an above-ground environment. – More information