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HRM 16

Trusted in over 100 sites in over 40 countries, the MineARC HRM (Hard-Rock-Mine) model refuge chamber is the world’s no.1 refuge in metalliferous mines.

Launched in 2013, the MineARC HRM Series IV represents the ‘Next Generation’ of mine refuge chambers, featuring the latest safe-refuge technology (click green buttons below for full product detail).

The Series IV has been continuously refined in co-operation with leading mining companies worldwide to be safer, smarter, more secure, easier to transport, easier to maintain and easier to service.

All MineARC HRM refuge chambers comply in full with recognised world’s best practice legislation, including the West Australian Dept. Mines and Petroleum Guideline: Refuge Chambers in Metalliferous Mines. DOWNLOAD The 2010 West Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) Guideline: Refuge Chambers in Metalliferrous Mines.

The HRM-16 is a medium sized refuge accommodating up to 16 people. The refuge is designed to be robust and easy to maneuver, featuring a range of transport configurations including lifting lugs, skid base and forklift slots to the sides.

HRM 16

  • 2.21m / 87.007"
  • 2.25m / 88.58''
  • 6.02m / 237.007"
  • 4800kg / 10582lbs