Cap Lamps & Chargers

MineARC Hyperion Cap Lamps:

MineARC Systems have introduced a new premium range of mining cap lamps.

Detailed with a distinctive green rim, the NEW Hyperion Range features both cordless and traditional corded cap lamps of the highest quality, durability and performance.

Compact, lightweight, yet powerful and super-efficient, each lamp within the Hyperion range is designed to perform better and last longer.

Small yet powerful, the Hyperion range delivers 11,000 lux; creating a brighter, crisper, whiter effect, for a more ‘natural fill’ of light. The end result is a high definition field of vision for underground miners working in difficult conditions. The advanced LEDs used in Hyperion cap lamps are longer lasting, providing a 50,000 hour life span compared to the average 30,000 hours. Another Hyperion advantage is the improved battery life compared to standard cap lamps, with an average discharge time of 16 hours.

Charger Racks :
MineARC charger racks have been designed with optimal flexibility and safety in mind. Our ‘modular’ multi-point racks allow you to build a complete charger rack solution– adding rows as required. Racks can be free-standing, or attached to walls and fascia. Our desktop single point chargers are compact, convenient and energy efficient.

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