Cap Lamps & Chargers

MineARC Lighter, Brighter Cap Lamps:

Cap Lamps:

Small, powerful and super lightweight, our Li-ion cap lamp delivers 11,000 LUX and lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional lead or acid batteries.
The high strength housing and optimized structure design make the product function reliable every time. With a compact design, our cap lamp exhibits many features including electrical-short circuit protection, automatic power off, LED head lamp, anti static housing and a 30 minute life warning.

Small in size and maintenance free, our cap lamp has a working life of >15 hours for over 1200 cycles, so you are guaranteed longer working time underground.

Charger Racks :

MineARC charger racks have been designed with optimal flexibility and safety in mind. Our ‘modular’ multi-point racks allow you to build a complete charger rack solution– adding rows as required. Racks can be free-standing, or attached to walls and fascia.

Our desktop single point chargers are compact, convenient and energy efficient.

Charger racks can be used for all of our models.