As with most forms of complex industrial machinery, MineARC Refuge Chambers require regular servicing to maintain optimum performance. Without servicing, vital operational componentry within the refuge may become compromised and fail to work during an emergency.

Of particular concern are components that receive the most day-to-day wear and tear whilst the refuge operates in stand-by mode, including filter elements, door seals, mufflers and vent valves. Over time, these parts inevitably degrade and break down.

MineARC’s global service team are here to help make servicing easy. Our office support team are on call seven days a week to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problems. Out in the field, our qualified service technicians are available to travel to your site in order to perform a fully comprehensive chamber service.


  • Ensure your refuge chambers are compliant and covered by MineARC’s $20 million product liability insurance
  • Receive a free annual audit on all MineARC Refuge Chambers
  • Refuge Chamber certification and commissioning
  • Priority response on service scheduling and assistance
  • Full access to MineARC’s engineers, electricians and technical staff for product support and troubleshooting
  • Ensure your technicians are correctly trained to service a Refuge Chamber by attending the MineARC Service School
  • Automatic service scheduling, chemical expiry reminders and RSP re-orders
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your Refuge Chamber fleet is operating optimally in case of emergency


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Without regular refuge servicing, parts within the refuge chamber necessary to the ongoing performance of vital life-support systems (such as Oxygen supply, CO/CO2 scrubbing and air-conditioning), may become compromised and fail to work during an emergency.

MineARC MineSAFE Refuge Chambers require regular servicing every four months (effectively three times a year). TunnelSAFE and ChemSAFE require service every six months and, in the United States, CoalSAFE Refuge Chambers require servicing annually. This variance in service timelines is based on the number of consumables each refuge typically goes through.

During a service, a MineARC Technician will perform a full refuge chamber check; recommending and fitting replacement parts if necessary. Regardless of whether sites conduct their own service checks, MineARC recommends an on-site service check and safety audit every year to ensure servicing is being properly carried out.



  • Plan a regular service schedule
  • Decide who will conduct the servicing – a qualified MineARC technician or your own personnel
  • If conducting your own servicing, ensure that personnel complete the free MineARC Service School and are certified to service a MineARC Refuge Chamber


  • Client Upgrade Assist Program

    MineARC’s key priority is to offer the most advanced and innovative safe refuge solutions on the market. Our success in the industry is achieved by listening closely to our clients’ requirements; allowing us to continue to develop products that are safer, more user friendly and more cost effective.

    The MineARC Client Upgrade Assist Program offers a range of upgrade options that will improve the operation and efficiency of your chamber, both during an emergency and while in stand-by mode.
    – More information

  • Chamber Refurbishment Program

    The MineARC Refuge Chamber Refurbishment Program transforms damaged, worn or second-hand chambers into fully functioning, certified refuge chambers that look as good as new.
    All refurbishments are conducted at one of MineARC’s state of the art manufacturing facilities by qualified workshop technicians. Following a refurbishment, one of our service technicians will conduct a comprehensive 50-Point Safety Audit, ensuring the chamber is commissioned, certified and meets MineARC’s stringent safety standards. This will give you peace of mind and the reassurance that your chamber is covered by our AU$20 Million product liability insurance.
    – More information

  • Refuge Chamber Safety Audits

    As refuge chambers utilise an array of complex processes that all work together, it is crucial that refuge chambers undergo regular safety audits. An audit is the best way to immediately identify issues and potential risks to be addressed with regards to the safe operation of the chamber.
    – More information

  • Service School Certification

    MineARC offers a team of qualified service technicians; experts in ensuring each refuge is kept in top condition.
    If you prefer to self-service your chambers, however, you should consider attending one of our FREE MineARC Service School training days, held at our new dedicated training centre. Once completed, you are then certified to conduct your own services for 24 months, removing the need for MineARC service visits.
    – Perth, Western Australia
    – Johannesburg, South Africa
    – Dallas, Texas
    – More information

  • MineARC Engineering Support

    MineARC Systems provides a comprehensive Service Program to all MineARC Refuge Chamber clients. Aside from providing regular and reliable chamber servicing conducted by a certified MineARC technician, MineARC’s Service Program offers a range of benefits that help make managing your refuge chambers easy. – More information