In addition to emergency refuge chambers and safe havens, MineARC also manufactures a range of purpose-built utility chambers, designed specifically for the underground mining environment.


The MineARC MediSAFE features a solid steel construction with insulated walls and air-conditioning for comfort. The station comes with a comprehensive fit-out tailored for first aid applications, providing a hygienic and safe environment for patient evaluation & treatment on-site.



  • Screened Examination & Treatment Area with Medical Grade Gurney
  • IP65 Communications Points
  • Refrigerator
  • Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal
  • External Shower
  • Defibrillator & Resuscitation Equipment
  • Air Conditioning
  • Solid Steel Chamber with Insulated Walls
  • Double Door Entry and Separate Waiting Area
  • Toilet, Heated Water, Sink, Eye Wash Station, Work Bench & Storage
  • Comprehensive First Aid Fit-Out and Supplies Including AED


  • Fully Pressurised Airlock
  • Battery Backup / UPS
  • Medical Equipment Upgrade
  • LCD Display / TV Monitor
  • Security Camera and Monitoring System





High durability white paint for underground visibility. Sand blasted to 2.5 grit, and in compliance with AS/NZS 2312:2002.

Porthole Window

12mm porthole viewing window, compliant with Australian Standard 2208. Blast shield protection available upon request.

Reflective Signage

Safety and operational signage in reflective stickering for high visibility underground. Translation into a second language available.

Skid Base

The skid base provides ease of mavoeuvrability, featuring 250 x 100mm forklift slots, front and rear mounted tow points and front mounted 25mm steel plate push blocks.

Modified Air Vents

Robust Steel Construction

Double Door Entry

Outward opening double doors ensuring an hygienic, sealed internal environment from dirt and dust.





8watt fluorescent interior lighting is featured within the chamber.

Air Conditioning

R410a refrigerant cooling air conditioning system.

Medical Grade Oxygen Cylinders

Medical grade oxygen cylinders to be provided by end user.

Medical Grade Gurney

Medical grade gurney for patient care meets Safe Work Australia standards.

Seating Area

MineARC seating is ergonomically designed to provide suitable comfort. Made from durable, hard wearing fabric, the seating provides 500mm of space per person.

Privacy Screen

Privacy screen to separate examination area from waiting area.

Toilet Facilities

Screened, plumbed toilet facilities.

Eye Wash Station

Emergency eye wash station Featured both internally and externally.




  • RocROOMRemote Operating Centre

    MineARC’s RocROOM (Remote Operating Control Room) is an underground safe area used as a collaborative environment for managing and monitoring the day to day operation of equipment and production activities. It is the hub for the collection of data and information necessary to sustain operations and help staff make the right critical operational decisions. – More information

  • MineSAFE Climate Control

    Avoidance and remedy of extreme temperature stress on workers is a common cause of delays and costly stoppages to work in underground mining. To date, methods for combating the possibility of heat stroke or hypothermia in underground mine sites include; ensuring that workers are appropriately clothed, are acclimatized to extreme temperature environments and are adequately hydrated and rested. This generally involves miners leaving the work area at regular intervals and travelling extended distances to an underground break room or to the surface.
    The Climate Control is a more time and cost efficient solution. It is a fully portable unit that can be placed in close proximity to the underground work area, and relocated as required. The shelter minimises time lost during legally mandated break times, which can contribute to several hours of wasted productivity per person, on every shift. – More information